Head of group: André van Schaik and Craig Jin

Location of group: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Number of faculty: 3

Number of researchers/postdocs: 2

Number of students: 10


The Computing and Audio Research Laboratory (CARlab) specialises in two main areas: Neuromorphic Engineering and Spatial Audio.

Neuromorphic Engineering is concerned with the study of signal processing in biological (neural) systems and applying principles learned from biology in electronic systems. Typical examples are smart sensory systems where integrated circuits (mostly analogue or mixed-mode VLSI) have been implemented inspired by models of the visual or auditory systems of particular animals. CARlab is particularly interested in the electronic modeling of the auditory pathway.

Our Spatial Audio research deals with all aspects of the spatial perception of sound. This includes the study of how humans localize sounds, the effect of room acoustics on sound perception, recording of spatial sound fields, playback using our 64 loudspeaker array (under construction), generation of augmented and virtual reality audio, 3D voice communication systems with location aware computing, and the study of musical aspects of sound fields.



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