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A new kind of content

Technical people, whether physicians, scientists, or engineers, need information: and they need it now. Unfortunately, it's not always clear to them what information they need.

The general science press, and even specialist technical magazines, are often too general to serve the specific interests of individuals and the niche areas they want to follow. The articles may be interesting, and are an important means of keeping up to date with major issues and trends, but only a fraction of readers will find any particular story specifically relevant to them. And, if it is, the research is unlikely to be covered in enough detail to tell them what they really need to know.

For more complete information, scientists have to turn to scholarly publishing: journals and proceedings. But these are only useful to sophisticated readers, those who really know what they are looking for and can decode the titles and abstracts into something that is meaningful for them.

So good ideas get lost. Not big enough to catch the attention of the press, they are only visible to those who happen to be reading the right journals and are savvy enough to see their wider applications.

We have developed a new kind of publication: one where the articles contain enough references to satisfy experts, but supply enough context to be appreciated by the wider technical community. This publication—delivered in clear, direct English—allows scientists, engineers, and medics to talk to each other both across disciplines and across continents.