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Biologically-inspired image processing for machine grasping »

Heiko Hoffmann

A primary-visual-cortex-based system allows a robot hand to quickly orient itself and pick up the objects it sees.
Development of a cortically inspired active binocular-vision system »

Bertram Shi

Boards use digital electronics to enable rapid reconfiguration of the processing performed for experimentation with different bio-inspired models.
Capture and display in wide-dynamic-range imaging »

Moti Shefer

By mimicking compression performed by the retina, the effective visual acuity of systems can be enhanced.
CMOS Imagers: From Phototransduction to Image Processing »

Tadashi Shibata

This book will interest both beginning analog designers and those interested in bio-inspired silicon circuits.
Saliency on a chip »

Nachiket Kapre, Dirk Walther, Christof Koch, and André DeHon

A digital approach using a field-programmable gate array allows a visual attention model to be emulated at 640×480 resolution.


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