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Using neuron dynamics for realistic synaptic learning »

Christian Mayr, Johannes Partzsch, Marko Noack, and Rene Schueffny

Co-developing neuromorphic integrated circuit learning models and derivations significantly increases biological accuracy and reduces circuit complexity.
Python in neuroscience »

Martin Spacek and Nicholas Swindale

A widely used open-source programming language, Python is becoming the language of choice for neural data analysis and simulation.
Brian: a simple and flexible simulator for spiking neural networks »

Romain Brette and Dan Goodman

New neural-simulation technology makes spiking neuron models more accessible to systems neuroscience and neuromorphic engineering.
An information-theoretic library for the analysis of neural codes »

R. A. A. Ince, C. Bartolozzi, and S. Panzeri

PyEntropy may prove an essential tool for the evaluation, comparison, and parametric analysis of neural networks.
Audio-visual sensor fusion for object localization »

Vincent Chan

Using the onset time of stimuli, a biologically-inspired system learns to identify the sources of sounds.


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