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Biologically inspired mobile-robot self localization »

Christian Siagian and Laurent Itti

Using both global and local visual features, 'Beobot' can find its own position in the environment.
Seeing with your brain »

Sunny Bains

Biological brains can do something that we're still working on building into machines: rewire themselves to take advantage of the best information available. This is a well-known phenomenon, but it's not widely understood just how radically different the rewiring or...
Embedded vision system for real-time applications »

Pierre-François Rüedi and Eric Grenet

Moving some processing functions into the sensors can aid robust, low-power, and low-cost operation.
Analog VLSI Circuits for the Perception of Visual Motion »

Ralph Etienne-Cummings

This volume is highly recommended for anyone interested in neuromorphic computation generally, or analog VLSI visual motion circuits more specifically.
Freeing vision from frames »

Tobi Delbrück and Patrick Lichtsteiner

Neuromorphic sensors are designed to focus on the most relevant information in an observed scene.


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