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Embodied cognition: the other morphology »

Josh Bongard

Researchers are recognizing that intelligence cannot be reduced to abstract algorithms, but must be couched in a larger context: be it the physical properties of neurons or a physical body.
Wing-wing interactions in dragonfly flight »

Xinyan Deng and Zheng Hu

A pair of robotic wings have been used to investigate why dragonflies use different phase angles for different flight modes.
Analog cellular networks for locomotion control in biorobots »

Paolo Arena and Luca Patane

Complex nonlinear dynamical systems can be used to model and implement controllers for walking robots.
Vision sensor with brightness constancy: towards neuromorphic color vision »

Kazuhiro Shimonomura and Tetsuya Yagi

A wide-dynamic-range active-pixel-sensor-based silicon retina with both sustained and transient channels exhibits almost an constant response to variation in illumination.
The iCub cometh »

Sunny Bains

I've been taking a break from writing to work on another project this spring and summer but managed to find the time to finish off a story about the iCub. This open-source robot is designed to allow academics to concentrate...


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