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Making the best of what you've got »

Sunny Bains

When I discuss analog computation with most people, their instant reaction is to explain to me that there is no such thing as analog. For instance, one of the comments on an earlier post I wrote on analog vision pointed...
Hearing with your chest »

Sunny Bains

As well as explaining evolution (see my last post), analog feedback may explain the ability of deaf people to hear through their bodies as the percussionist Evelyn Glennie learned to do. According to her biography,Evelyn spent a lot of time...
Brain-inspired auditory processor »

Soo-Young Lee

By combining sound processing and attention, researchers have given the Artificial Brain the ability to classify what it hears.
Can spike-based speech recognition systems outperform conventional approaches? »

Ismail Uysal, Harsha Sathyendra, and John G. Harris

Spiking systems prove robust to noise in a simplified experimental domain.
The story of AudioSapiana »

Antje Ihlefeld and Malcolm Slaney

Though thwarted on race day, this auditory robot successfully used salience and binaural hearing to reach its goal.


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