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Managing change

If you've ever been involved with a publication redesign/relaunch, you'll know just how expensive and time-consuming it can be. While change is inevitable and necessary, this kind of extreme disruption is not. To this end, our systems are designed to easily adapt to the shifts in technical interest, progress in information technology, and rebranding exercises.

If staff or members decide that there is a new hot topic in which the society should have a presence, the integrated nature of our system means we can simply start commissioning in that area right away. Or we can join converging topics together. Or we can split out a burgeoning field into subtopics. All without any major 'redesign'.

Likewise, we will deliver in whatever electronic format your members need to have. Today it's mobile-compatible websites with video, RSS and Twitter feeds, and PDF files for those who want something to keep. Tomorrow, who knows. Rest assured that, whatever's coming, our programmers are working on having it ready to go as soon as it's needed (if not before).

And if your organization changes its name, tweaks the shade of blue your logo is in, or puts out a new edict about fonts, that's OK too. We can make the changes in days or weeks, not months or years.

Our bottom-up system is built around the realities of the societies we work for and the technical communities that they serve. This means being ready for whatever is next.